• Pre-primary education is very important of the child as it is the first step towards entering the world of knowledge as well as a healthy purposeful life.
  • Pre-primary education helps the child grow rapidly in a controlled but not rigid environment. It increases child’s confidence, concentration and independence.
  • Here we deserve and develop lesson places and teaching strategies to motivate children to learn by arousing their curiosity and interest. We ensure the development of the physical, social cognitive and imaginative abilities of the children through simulations, songs, stories, games, drawings, paintings and imaginative role plays. VES is a child-centric school and offer diversified learning environment to develop child’s multiple intelligence
  • Research suggests that Pre-primary education is very important for the development of young children before they enter formal school. It helps in cognitive development of children at early grades of primary education and it has strong bearing on attendance and participation of children once they enter primary school.
  • Keeping this all in mind we, at Vidyaniketan pre-primary school, provide conducive atmosphere to nurture and shape young minds into responsible citizen of tomorrow’s India.