The school is well-equiped with all facilities prescribed in RTE Act. 2009. Besides, school provides learning through audio-visual aids such as Digital Board, K-Yan, Brain Cafe - Learning science with experiments etc.

Now a days we see that many schools are being established in a very small and unairy places. But we believe the theory of “Good environment affects positively on the development of students ”

By keeping the quote in mind our school management decided to make school in the centre of town. The area is clean and eco-friendly. Alongside of the school building many trees are present. Though its present in the centre of the town its quiet, airy and specious place.

We have to different buildings. One section is for Pre-primary whereas another one is used for primary and secondary. The school building contains Administrative office, principal’s office, and other offices , it has well establishments of laboratories.

School has its own store, so students need no go out for anything required material for there studies. We have a strong collection of Hindi, Marathi and English Library.The school has multipurpose shed and different playgrounds. Where students make them physically strong.

Its not an easy thing to for a school. More than this number of facilities which are to be provided like metropolitan cities. Vidyaniketan has three different sections of school.

In this the pre-primary section we strictly limited admissions we have well qualified and trainee staff, as well as many activity based and age 3 to 6 friendly teaching aid with specific & comfortable type of sitting arrangement. Where both teachers and students can stay happy.

In primary section normally we do conduct almost every and sometimes use community as textbooks for clarifying their concepts more clearly we are using digital board and by chance required more clarification we call person from that specified of specialization which helps student to clarify their doubts.